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Window Covering Safety

Safety is just as important as style when it comes to window treatments. Homes with children and pets should take proper safety measures to prevent potentially serious window cord accidents*. To help secure your home, Horizons window treatments have additional features to help ensure that safety goes hand in hand with comfort.

*Important: Only cordless and motorized window coverings should be installed in bedrooms and sleeping areas for young children.

sleek safety sleeve

Sleek Safety Sleeve

Our patented safety sleeve is a sleek, color coordinated sleeve that completely encases the draw cord on the back of Roman shades, preventing the cord from being pulled out and forming a hazardous oversized loop.

A Hidden Gem

Cordless ONE Controls®

This patented lift system is operated by a hidden control ring, which eliminates unsightly cords and makes raising and lowering shades smooth, easy, and reliable. FREE on all Roman shades!

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horizons alexis indigo drapery
Motorization Controls

Motorization Controls

Motorized Shades are a sleek, cordless option that adds additional convenience, safety, and high-tech style.

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Safety Warning Label
Health CA Warning Label
Reese's Law Warning Label