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A Hidden Gem
Cordless ONE Controls®

Unlike any other cordless lift available today, Horizons’ Cordless ONE Control is our exclusive, patented lift system operated by a control ring hidden behind the bottom hem. It eliminates unsightly cords and makes raising and lowering shades smooth, easy, and reliable. Never worry about tangled cords again!

horizons hidden control ring

Hidden Control Ring

Operated by a simple control ring hidden behind the bottom hem, shades with Cordless ONE Controls are so beautiful and easy to operate that we know you will agree they are unlike any other cordless system.

Child and Pet Safety

Cordless window coverings are free from dangling cords, making them the safer choice in homes with children and pets.

window safety

Cordless ONE Controls are a FREE Option Available on All of Our Roman Shades

horizons fantasy forest green soft shades

Cordless ONE Warranty

Just like all shades from Horizons, Cordless ONE Control shades are fully covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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