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How to Buy

1. Schedule Your Consultation

Connect with a local Horizons dealer to schedule a consultation. Simply enter your zip code into our dealer locator tool to find Horizons dealers near you.

2. Meet with Your Horizons Dealer

During your design consultation, your Horizons dealer will show you ideas for window treatments that delight your design sensibilities and deliver for your practical side, too. You will see how products look hanging in a window, feel sample materials, explore colors and styles, and identify which opacity is best for your space.

3. Enjoy Expert Measurement & Installation

There is no need to get out your tape measure, screwdriver, or ladder. After guiding you through your design options, your Horizons dealer will also take care of measuring and installation.

4. Love Them for Years

With expert guidance, measurement, and installation, you will love your Horizons custom window treatments for years to come. Plus, your treatments are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring flawless performance for life. If you find they aren't working as they should, your Horizons dealer is just a call away.

horizons elliot gray drapery