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Powerfully Simple
Motorized Window Coverings

Motorization offers the smartest way to make every day a little simpler and more sophisticated. Horizons motorized window coverings move easily and elegantly to manage privacy and light, exactly when you need it—for the ultimate in convenience, safety, and high-tech style that makes a statement.

horizons tenley cocoa natural shades

Modern Style, Quiet Operation

Motorized window coverings offer whisper-quiet operation and create a clean, sleek look without any clutter from cords.

Energy Savings

Schedule your window treatments to open and close at peak times during the day to give your heating or air conditioning support for maximum energy savings.

horizons matiko night drapery
horizons tenley cocoa natural shades

Peace of Mind

Motorized window coverings are free from dangling cords, making them the safer choice in homes with children and pets.