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About Horizons

With roots stretching back to 1891, Horizons has experienced unprecedented growth producing unique and innovative window fashions not available from any other company. We’re proud of our long, rich heritage of creating supreme quality, locally handcrafted products in Waukegan, Illinois.

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A Legacy of High-Design, Custom Craftsmanship

When craftsman Joseph Perkowitz arrived in the United States in 1891 and started the first Perkowitz family window fashions store in Evanston, Illinois, he began a journey that formed the foundation of our custom, high-design, and bespoke window treatment manufacturing, engineering, and design capabilities. Today, Horizons is leading the charge to deliver future design ideas limited only by the imagination and creativity of our customers.

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If you can dream it, we can create it. Nothing thrills us more than an extraordinary, unique design. We do everything we can to turn your ideas into reality, and our products are truly made to order. Choose a fabric—one of ours or one of your own. Add decorative tapes and trims. Top it off with your choice of top treatment. Thanks to our highly skilled specialists and years of experience in custom-made window treatments, we can ensure that your concepts are implemented right down to the smallest detail.


At Horizons, our astute ability to execute the design ideas of our customers is in our DNA. We aim to create products that reside proudly in your home—products with design elements that bring you joy and pride. We built our company to deliver on this promise like no other in the industry. We have an unmatched range of innovative design features and exquisite embellishments such as decorative hardware, tapes, accents, and more. Plus, we have the experience to work hand-in-hand with our partner designers, dealers, and consultants to capture your every last wish.

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All of our custom window fashions are made with the uncompromising quality you deserve and are carefully handcrafted in America—just for you. Years of experience have honed our processes to ensure your treatment is expertly constructed to meet your precise specifications. We focus on the details. Through a meticulous tailoring process, our artisans transform the finest fabrics, trims, and decorative accents into premium draperies, shades, and top treatments, leaving no aspect overlooked down to the very last stitch. The supreme quality and unrivaled beauty of our workmanship is second to none.

Our Sustainable Practices

Renewable Resources

Horizons Natural Shades are crafted from renewable resources like bamboo, sustainable wood, grasses, and reeds. In fact, bamboo is possibly the most renewable resource in the world. Some varieties can grow up to an incredible 4½ feet per day. When it is cut, bamboo begins a new cycle of growth immediately, without any need for replanting.

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Recycling & Conservation

At Horizons, we are committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling.

  • Last year, we recycled approximately 35 tons of cardboard, aluminum, steel, and paper.
  • Our use of fan fold cardboard provides exact size packaging, which reduces the waste generated from standard sized or telescoping boxes.
  • Ever mindful of the environment and our natural resources, we do our best to use recyclable materials in our natural shade products and packaging.
  • We have switched to a paperless invoicing solution that will automate our billing process and add convenience and flexibility for our customers.