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  • horizons sundancer nightfall soft shades

Focus on Innovation

Innovation has always been a key component of Horizons’ culture. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to enhance our products and improve your experience. We know you crave quality, luxury, and convenience. That’s why we offer some of the most innovative, stylish, and exclusive products on the market, keeping you at the forefront of today’s most sought-after features and advancements.

A Hidden Gem

Cordless ONE Controls®

This patented lift system is operated by a hidden control ring, which eliminates unsightly cords and makes raising and lowering shades smooth, easy, and reliable.

Learn More About Cordless ONE Controls

Effortless Motorization

Motorized window coverings move easily and elegantly to manage privacy and light, exactly when you need it—for the ultimate in convenience, safety, and high-tech style.

Learn More About Motorization

Wonderfully Wide

Averté Natural Fold

With handwoven fabrics that gently fold and move like soft drapery, Averté Natural Fold is the best solution for wide windows and patio doors.

Learn More About Averté Natural Fold

Ultimate Flexibility

Operable Lining

This independently-operated privacy or blackout lining can be raised or lowered behind natural woven shades. Raise the lining to see the sun and reveal the view; lower it for privacy and room darkening.

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