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Draperies Hanging in Dining Room

Draperies &
Side Panels

Horizons Window Fashions makes offering fully custom Draperies & Side Panels easy. Fabric, labor and lining – everything is included in one price that is in a simple to use price grid, so there is nothing to calculate.

Drapery Style

Pinch Pleat Style

The Pinch Pleat is the most popular and traditional style of pleat for a traversing drapery.

Drapery Style

Two Finger Crown Pleat

The Two Finger Crown pleat style has the folds of each pleat neatly tacked at the top.

Drapery Style

Two Finger Pinch Pleat

Similar to the the traditional pinch pleat, the Two Finger Pinch Pleat has one fold for each pleat instead of three.

Drapery Style

Inverted Pleat Style

The Inverted Pleat is a stylish new twist on the traditional pleated drapery. It is well suited for traversing.

Drapery Style

Goblet Pleat Style

More full and round than any other pleat, the Goblet Pleat Style gives a robust body to the drapery panel.

Drapery Style

Crown Pleat Style

Tight and neat, the Crown Pleat gives a nice minimalist look to the drapery.

Drapery Style

Box Pleat

The Box Pleat style is a more modern interpretation of a pleated drapery.

Drapery Style

Ripple Fold Style

The Ripple Fold is an ultra contemporary style of pleated traversing drapery panel..

Drapery Style

Rod Pocket Style

Clean and simple, the Rod Pocket Style is suited for stationary panels that are not intended to traverse.

Drapery Style

Traditional Tab Top Style

The Traditional Tab Top Style is a popular choice for either stationary panels or occasional hand traversing.

Drapery Style

Grommet Style

Grommet Style draperies are a soft folding panel in which a decorative pole passes through grommets at the top of the panel. Horizons has a wonderful assortment of standard style and color grommets.

Drapery Style

Gathered Tab Top

The Gathered Tab Top style is a wonderful variation of the Traditional Tab Top. It incorporates a decorative sleeve around each tab that can be in a contrasting fabric.

Drapery Style

Flowing Style

The Flowing Style has soft, casual, droopy pleats that attach to the rod with ring clips.

Drapery Style

Flat Panel Style

Their simple but elegant folds are stiffened with buckram at the top and attach to the decorative rod with clips.

Drapery Style

Back Tab Style

Back Tab draperies have tabs sewn onto the back and flow naturally into a casual folded appearance. The tabs and rods are concealed at the back of the drapery.

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